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At TruthMD we are passionate about data. Our healthcare data solution, MedFax, has become the industry-leading independent source of truth by providing the deepest, most accurate and up to date view of healthcare providers, their training, sanctions, exclusions, number of medical malpractice suits, conflicts of interest and hundreds of other data elements.

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Access to accurate, complete provider information is at the center of delivering excellent healthcare.

We believe it should be easy for companies and consumers alike to get a complete picture of any provider. One which doesn't stop at demographics, and which includes all information needed to make the right decision as a payer, provider of care, professional liability organization or a patient.

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Our Process


Information is automatically collected from more than 20,000 sources of public records, providing a comprehensive 15-year history for each provider.


Each dataset is normalized and codified, bringing standards to align across many different sources.


Data elements are meticulously assigned to correct profiles utilizing proprietary matching technologies, A/I and machine learning tools, automated quality analysis and a human touch allowing us to make high confidence matches.


The result is an unparalleled, self-perfecting data model, designed by its very nature to automatically identify and resolve anomalies, discrepancies and incongruous patterns.

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Our mission at TruthMD is to be the world’s most-trusted single-source of truth while transforming healthcare through data.